SpeedFan 4.33 is a tool to control the temperature of your computer
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SpeedFan 4.33 is a tool to control the temperature of your computer, allowing to decrease or increase the speed of your CPU fan if necessary.
It also shows you some important data about your hardware. SpeedFan 4.33 gets info from digital temperature sensors and internal chips of some components, like.the motherboard, video cards and hard disks, being them EIDE, SATA or SCSI drives. In this way, it allows the user to prevent future hard disk failures.

Under the "Clock" menu you can change the setting on your motherboard´s internal clock. This is a dangerous task, you can damage your motherboard aplying wrong setting. Proceed carefully.

Under the "S.M.A.R.T" menu you will be shown a detailed report on your hard disk, including firmware´s version and error rates. You can even perform an in-depth analysis of your HD through a button that links to http://www.hddstatus.com/hdrepanalysis.php, where you will get a full diagnosis.

Finally, under the "Charts" menu you will get comparative charts about the temperature, fan speed and voltage in your computer.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a useful tool for pros, and an information source for the curious users


  • It allows access to some dangerous areas, where some users shouldn´t be allowed
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