SpeedFan allows you to monitor your system's core and hard disk temperatures
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SpeedFan is a program that allows you to monitor your system's core and hard disk temperatures, fan speeds and voltages. It enables you to control the clock on your motherboard and analyze your hard disk to determine if anything could possibly go wrong with it. This is one of the most recommended programs to monitor the temperature of your hardware. The temperature information is taken from digital temperature sensors as well as from hardware components such as the motherboard, video cards and hard disks. The clock is a very advanced feature. If you set either the wrong motherboard or the wrong clock, you can damage your system. It is only useful for people who know what they are doing. A wide range of available motherboards as well as clocks are already supported. Info gives you data about your motherboard, chipset, memory and so on. This option also includes a simple feature by which you can send debug information to the developer if necessary. Exotics is a simple page where you see all the information in one convenient location. The list includes hard disk temperature, CPU usage, uptime and so on. S.M.A.R.T. is a very useful feature. It performs various tests on your hard disk and returns a set of results such as read error rate, spin up time, etc. Based on the results received, you will be able to know the health status of your hard disk and if there are any potential problems found, you will be able to resolve them well in advance. Charts, as the name indicates, is a list of charts. You can generate charts for temperatures, fan speeds and voltages and see how they change graphically based on the values you select as well as the time period you define. Overall, this program has certainly earned the fame it now has. It is one of the best applications to monitor your system's health.

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  • Lightweight
  • User friendly
  • Charts Option
  • Accurate
  • Works on 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Advanced control options
  • Built-in debug report


  • Can cause hardware problems if used incorrectly
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